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We do Music and Dance shows for birthdays, Marriages, Wedding Anniversaries, any Private or Corporate parties, Community, Film or Music Festivals, Haldi Sangeet & Mehndi or wherever musical entertainment calls us.


We arrange Live Band shows, Karaoke & Track Singing of New & Old Bollywood, Punjabi, Urdu, English and other songs and Dazzling Indian Dance Performances.


We are flexible to travel anywhere in Australia and overseas.


When we were looking for live entertainment for Annual Dinner for Indian Radiologists in Australia, 2014, to be held in Melbourne, we were clear that we did not want a loud 'DJ style' evening where one cannot talk to another over the deafening music, and a few dance while others wait for it to get over.

It was then that a close friend recommended SIMDA and Mr Naval Moudgil, which turned out to be everything we had wished.


Mr Moudgil and his team of young singers, all very talented, sang the evergreen songs from 60s and 70s and kept up with the changing mood of the evening. One of our own very talented radiologist joined in with his melodious voice. And despite not having planned, dance we finally did, not only to Nawal's Punjabi pop songs, but to softer, more melodious music as well.


I congratulate Mr Moudgil and appreciate his efforts in promoting the talents of young Indian singers.


Piyush Siwach, Melbourne, Australia

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