Harmonium For All

About The Course:

The Harmonium for All course, is perfect for learning harmonium for all ages for beginners or any level and groups or people who want to pick up where they may have left off many years ago. Through the course, you will have a fun, social and interactive experience. This is separate from our regular Harmonium and Music programs. This course provides basic & fundamentals to any level, motivating to learn this instrument, for specific needs for all age groups, such as physical well-being, spiritual health, happiness and mind sharpness.

SIMDA’s teaching method behind harmonium and music lessons has been developed over 20 years in Melbourne. It has been taught to hundreds of students, during which time, the method has been continually refined and has evolved into its current form which is essentially a highly efficient take on the traditional Indian music teaching method to the Australian way of music educational standards.

You may be fearful that this instrument may be difficult to learn, or now you may be too old to learn music or regret that you didn’t learn at a younger age.

But that is no issue. This course is highly convenient to learn, as it can be taught anywhere, at your home or any location of your choice.

If you want to start learning harmonium at any age, Harmonium for All is the course for you.


Basic Requirements:

Any former formal or informal music knowledge and skills.


Course Contents:

• Bring happiness to body, mind and soul

• Maintain active mental and physical health

• Exercises and body warm-ups

• Share and learn your favourite music

• Learn to read Indian Music, music theory and history

• Develop both hand playing proficiency

• Learn to play harmonium in a variety of styles

• Breathing technique and associated exercises

• Effortless and relaxed singing techniques

• Singing postures and alignments

• Voice throw, projection

• Vocal health and management

• Vowels and lyrics pronunciations

• Pitch and ear training

• Harmonium playing in various climates and conditions


Expected Results:

• Stress relief and enhanced mind sharpness

• Helps to keep an older person feel younger and energetic

• Help in Relaxation with improved quality of life and well-being

• Enhanced memory, motor co-ordination, hearing and communication

• Versatility in rendering higher and lower notes

• Improved sustenance of notes and voice control

• Improved voice throw, clarity and quality

• Development of eye-mind-hand co-ordination


Duration and Pricing:

Cost - $299 (One Person), $549 (Two Person)

Duration - 10 Lesson x 30-45 Min

Course can be fast tracked in Full Day or Half-Day Workshops


For Enrolment or Any Further Enquiries Please Contact:

A & N Moudgil: 61-404989336, E:,


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