Online Lesson


SIMDA assures you that we are keeping up with the latest ground-breaking technology sowe can give you the highest quality singing, music, tabla, vocal and dhol lessons online. Our all lessons and workshops conducted online are very similar to our face to face lessons.


You need to have a good computer or laptop, a good internet connection with webcam -preferably wired- a

set of headphones or a pair of speakers.


Online lessons are perfect for you if you live too far away from our locations or if you cannot spare time from busy schedule to attend a lesson in person.


More experienced students may also try lessons over the telephone.


What Are The Benefits Of SKYPE LESSONS?


Students can book lessons at any time, whether it is day, afternoon, evening, night, weekdays or weekend. With Skype lessons, they can learn from their own home and blend their lessons styles with workshops or

face to face lesson.


How the Phone or SKYPE (without videos) lessons are helpful?


Singing, Vocals, Music and Instrument learning are based upon recognizing - various sounds, low and high pitches, (Notes), Taal (Beats) and Laya (pace). None of these things required eyes but very sharp listening skills. It’s simple, if listening sounds from the speakers of any sound system, we can sing along and learn, why we cannot learn lessons over the phone or SKYPE without videos.


How SKYPE – Online Lesson are different from Face to Face lesson?


SKYPE lessons are the same as learning face to face and very convenient. And due to people hectic time schedule, travel timings, busy life style SKPYE lessons, have become very popular. 70 % of our private

lessons students are studying ONLINE.


Why to join SKYPE first then Face to Face lessons?


We advise if you have difficulties to learn in person due to distance and time schedule, then instantly begin

with Skype and then whenever possible move to attend workshops or face-to- face lessons.


Now available, Online Lesson And Workshops