Learning music from Nawal Ji since last year, is turning out to be an exuberant and enriching experience. Whether it is Classical, Bollywood, Punjabi, Ghazal, Nazam, Qawali or fusion he has the versatility to teach all music forms in a knowledgeable and interesting way. His teaching ability is enhanced by the fact that he is an accomplished vocal performer and composer as well as a tabla, harmonium, sitar and keyboard player as well.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Nawal Ji to anyone seeking to learn or improve their skills in vocals or instrumentals. His patience and good cheer will keep you coming back for more!

Balu, Bundoora, Melbourne.

My daughter Rishika has been learning the art of singing from Nawalji (SIMDA) since January this year.

At first Rishika was a little shy and apprehensive about learning singing but Nawaljis encouraging and holistic approach to teaching music has meant that she now looks forward to every class. Nawalji is very informative, knowledgeable and conducts classes in a professional manner. Attending classes at SIMDA has also given Rishika the opportunity of learning more about her Indian origins and culture. In these last seven months Rishika's confidence in singing has grown and she now very easily performs in front of family and friends.

My younger son Rahil (11months old) has also benefitted very much from accompanying his elder sister to classes. Rahil has developed a real interest in indian music and loves listening to his sister sing in class and at home. We have noticed he also is very attentive to Nawalji in class and sings and moves along to the music/taanpura.

I myself have an old affiliation with SIMDA, being a past student of Kathak dance, music, when I attended classes for two years from 2001. When we finally decided to start Indian music training for Rishika earlier this year, SIMDA was of course our first and only choice.

As parents Vikas and I are very happy with the way her confidence and singing has developed over the months and at every opportunity we are ready to recommend Nawalji and SIMDA to anyone wanting to learn Indian music.

Reshma and Vikas Deshwal, Melbourne

It is my pleasure to narrate my years of experience of my two sons who undertook Indian music both classical, tabla and Bollywood with SIMDA.

They loved the way Nawal prepared the material, conducted the classes, provided feedback to them, participating and performing in SIMDA concerts.

Their learning continued for number of years and every week they waited for their class time. I have no hesitation in recommendation, SIMDA is the best for classical and Bollywood singing in Melbourne.

Rahul Gupta, Glen Waverley, Melbourne

I have been learning on Internet SKYPE lessons from the last one year an hour lesson from Sydney, and I have never met Nawal Ji or at SIMDA in person.

Simda School of Indian Music and Dance is not only one of the best but the best performing art school of Australia. Simda has a complete package of art skills in various singing, music, dancing, acting etc. My experience as a music student with Simda has been a very successful journey.

Achieved a lot in singing, the quality of my vocal singing has been strong and stabilised from shaking and breaking, my confidence and capability of singing for longer period than before, confidence in performing.

I recommend anyone regardless from a beginner to become a professional singer to contact SIMDA without any hesitation, as you will see the result for yourself. My singing presentation and technics to become a good singer has changed dramatically, within 3 months since I started the music class.

Mr Moudgil who is the head of Voice Training in Melbourne has a lot of patience, has lot of potential of overcoming the students’ needs for singing, and is able to detect the main problem areas in singing for each individual students.

He is very comfortable, and relaxing to work with, as a Voice Coach. Encouraging and presenting his work professionally with dignity and sincerity. He is very professional generally in Indian Musical Industry, inclusive of winning SA RE GA MA PA World of Indian and Classical Music Series in Dubai.

As a student SIMDA has given me that confident and strength which has empowered my singing skills prior to the standard of my singing before. As my voice quality and confident has been proving.

Thanks to Mr N. Moudgil, Simda School Of Music and Dance. The contact No. 0395114416, 0403167441. I wish them all the success in future.

From Rohini, NSW

Hello everyone,

Myself, Vishal Yodha Sacher and I'm a student of Simda Australia. I've been associated with the music institute for the last one year. I've completed my intermediate with basic knowledge in music from this institute, bestowed on me by my Guru ji, Mr. N. Moudgil.

I had faced a lot of problems and he helped me overcome those to reach for higher things in life. Music is my soul and life, and my guru ji helped me to nurture it. He assisted me in taking my love for music further and make it my profession. Everyone associated with the institute is extremely friendly and they think of the students first and try to do best possible they can to help them.

The knowledge garnered from this institute helped me to grow professionally and I released my own album this year. It has been a wonderful journey of my life which I had with Simda. Now my next step is to go for reality shows such as, Indian Idol or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and I am confident about whatever I learnt from this institute, it will help me to make my future very bright and make me realise my dream of becoming a renowned singer.

Vishal, St Albans, Melbourne

Our Son started Music Education from SIMDA at the age of 3.

We have been travelling to Glen Waverley attending regularly face-to-face with online lessons from the last three years.

SIMDA teachers have been very professional, caring, friendly and expert to teach Music to Children. Now my son feels very comfortable and keen to sing Bhajans, Ragas, Prayers, Patriotic songs, and Bollywood songs and play the keyboards skilfully.

We have noticed in leisure, he loves to keep singing and has become very receptive to listening Indian Music, Rhythms and cultural things. Thanks to Nawal ji and SIMDA.

Narsai Family, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne

“Being a DJ who has performed at various venues and events, I can say that I have never performed with anyone like the SIMDA Dhol Players before. They were absolutely amazing, both in skill of playing and their stage presence. I am honored to have played with them.”

- KJ (DJ/Producer)

"Having SIMDA Dholi’s rock my event was a great decision. They did a really good job and were extremely professional. They managed to rouse the crowd and create an atmosphere that was electrifying. “

- Varun , Melbourne (Restaurant Owner)

When we were looking for live entertainment for Annual Dinner for Indian Radiologists in Australia, 2014, to be held in Melbourne, we were clear that we did not want a loud 'DJ style' evening where one cannot talk to another over the deafening music, and a few dance while others wait for it to get over.

It was then that a close friend recommended SIMDA and Mr Naval Moudgil, which turned out to be everything we had wished.

Mr Moudgil and his team of young singers, all very talented, sang the evergreen songs from 60s and 70s and kept up with the changing mood of the evening. One of our own very talented radiologist joined in with his melodious voice. And despite not having planned, dance we finally did, not only to Nawal's Punjabi pop songs, but to softer, more melodious music as well.

I congratulate Mr Moudgil and appreciate his efforts in promoting the talents of young Indian singers.

Piyush Siwach, Melbourne, Australia

Being an absolute beginner to Indian Carnatic music & Harmonium Learning, I would like to thank Nawal Ji for his wonderful training sessions which has now given me a good foundation & platform to learn more about Indian Music.

I did my foundation course by learning about the origin on Indian Music from its Vedic beginnings and the similarities & differences in Hindustani Classic and South Indian Carnatic style of music.

The sessions were a mixture of Skype & classroom courses giving me the flexibility in learning methods at a time which suited my learning style. I was initially interested in just doing Harmonium classes, but during the course Nawal Ji explained the importance of voice dynamics and also fundamentals of Tabla beats and why Harmonium & Tabla instruments accompany each other closely, which i found very informative.

I would certainly recommend this course for anyone looking at learning Indian Classical Music.

- Ram, Werribee, Victoria