Performance Opportunities

SIMDA provides student performance opportunities at Private school functions, Community, Private and Corporate events & festivals and Talent Hunt & Competitions.


Small Group Gatherings

Regular students of SIMDA are encouraged to participate inside the SIMDA student network, either

in a homely sitting, or in a Non-Publicised occasion. These performances in small groups, provide

music students a chance to play the lessons they have learnt during their classes.


The objective is to give, up-and-coming performers with minimal onstage experience a chance to overcome challenges such as performance anxiety. This gives them valuable experience up onstage

among their loved ones.


Professional Indian Music Performers

We also present professional Indian music performers who are in our network, to for a range of events in Melbourne from weddings to parties, private concerts and festivals. For bookings and further information contact us.


Now available, Online Workshops

  • Stage Performance!
  • Empower Your Singing!
  • Rock the Auditions!