Vocal & Breathing Techniques

Vocal and Breathing Techniques course is designed for those singers who want to enhance their singing and vocal skill to create most appropriate feeling for Recording studios, Auditions, Live performances, Playback singing and for hobby singing.

Since every individual has unique voice culture and husk, vocal range and styles, all our lessons are tailor

made for each individual depending upon their vocal strength, stamina, skill and styles.

Multiple training practices like various Scales/Sargam, renditions of notes up and down in range of trials,

Voice throws, correct pronunciations of the lyrics and physical and breathing exercises for voice control,

are tried and tested to create appropriate feel and emotion in your singing lyrics and compositions.

If you want to make your voice, to display appropriate feels, strength and sustainability, to sing with a feel

not just sound and beats, this course is for you.

Basic Requirements:
Any former formal or informal singing knowledge and skills.

Course Contents:

• Voice production from abdomen, chest, throat, nasal and temple

• Effortless and relaxed singing techniques

• Keeping correct rhythm and beats

• The mechanics of Voice Modulation

• Singing postures and alignments

• Voice throw, projection and Microphone Techniques

• Vocal health and management

• Correct diaphragmatic support and breathing exercises

• Voice strength and stamina

• Appropriate emotion display

• Vowels and lyrics pronunciations

• Pitch and ear training

• Basics in Recording, Stage Presentation, Performance and Karaoke singing.

Expected Results:

• Increased confidence in singing with a soulful voice

• Better control of breathing during singing sessions

• The ability to sing endure long periods of singing

• Improved sustenance of notes and voice control

• The ability to modulate and project voice

• Resistance to vocal injury

• Ease in singing higher and lower pitches correctly

• Improved voice throw, clarity and quality

• Feel confident for your auditions and recordings

• Maintenance of consistent voice intensity

Course can be fast tracked in Full Day and Half-Day Workshops


For Enrolment or Any Further Enquiries Please Contact:

A & N Moudgil: 61-404989336, E:,

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