Help & Faq

What Are The Benefits Of SKYPE LESSONS?

Students can book lessons at any time, whether it is day, afternoon, evening, night, weekdays or weekend. With Skype lessons, they can learn from their own home and blend their lessons styles with workshops or

face to face lesson. For more info please read “Online Lesson” link.


How SKYPE – Online Lessons Are Different From Face To Face Lesson?


SKYPE lessons are the same as learning face to face and also very convenient. Due to many peoples’

hectic time schedule, travel timings and busy life style, SKPYE lessons, have become very popular. 70 %

of our private lessons students are studying ONLINE.


Why To Join SKYPE First Then Face To Face Lessons?


We advise that if you have difficulties learning in person due to distance and time schedule, you should

initially begin with Skype lessons and then whenever possible, attend workshops or face-to-face lessons.


At What Age Can We Enrol A Child?


In Group lessons, we enrol children from above the age of 6 years, but in private lessons,we can enrol from

the age of three plus. For more info please read: “Music for Children” link.


Do We Have To Buy A Musical Instrument?


During lessons, you may use SIMDA’s instruments, but for home practice, it is highly recommended that you purchase an instrument.


Why Keyboards Are Used In The Class Rather Harmoniums?


Keyboards and harmonium have the same keys but are different in that keyboards are electronic and harmoniums are manual. Keyboards are easy to carry, and while lifting of Harmonium, possible injuries may occur.


I Have Learnt Music Or Instruments Earlier, Should I Have To Start From Scratch?


Previous learning of any kind helps when you restart. We need to discuss what level youhave achieved in

the past to advise further.


What are your teaching methods?


Our teaching methods are a mix of traditional and modern. We are very systematic, caring and fun based.

We use Audio and Visuals, along with keyboards, tabla, Tanpura, harmonium, dholak etc.


What Language Are Your Notes PRINTED In?

All our Bollywood, Punjabi, Urdu, other languages of lessons and other notes are printed in English only


How Much Practice Should We Do Every Day?


We recommend 10-20 minutes practice every day but more practice may be recommended while preparing

for any auditions, recordings or stage performances etc.


I Am 45 Plus, Am I Too Old To Learn Any Music And Instrument?


As we age, we become more mature and knowledgeable. With age, it’s more fun and fantastic to learn any music and instrument, and it gives you feeling of youth and relaxation.


What Is The Age Group Of SIMDA Students?


Our youngest students are 3 plus and we also teach many students that are 60 plus.


Do We Receive A Certificate Of Learning?


Yes, at the end of completion of each level or special programs, we issue completion certificates.


How Long Does It Take To Learn To Sing Or To Play An Instrument?


Within few months and regular practices, a basic level of playing can be accomplished on any instrument or voice. With ongoing learning, the depth of skill improves gradually.


What Is Your Cancellation Policy?


A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellations, or the time reserved must be paid for. Make-up lessons

will be arranged only for emergencies.


What Is SIMDA Refund Policy?


With a week notice, we will refund you the money minus administration costs.


Do You Have Any Family, Group Or Seniors Discounts?


Yes, we offer a Discounted Fee structure, which will be discussed during your First Lesson.