Our Courses

  • Hindustani Classical Music Program (Traditional)
  • Hindustani Light Music Program (Bollywood or Regional Music)
  • Tabla and Indian Percussion Program (Instrumental)


The courses displayed below are individual courses created for specific outcomes.


Empower Your Singing course is a strongly recommended course for Singing as it provides a basic foundation

for the other singing programs and guidance for budding talent.


However, this is not compulsory; you may select and join any other programs directly.

  • Punjabi Folk Music

  • Vocal & Breathing Techniques

  • Hindi Film Songs
  • Empower Your Singing!
  • Stage Performance!
  • Chak De Dholi!
  • Rock the Auditions!
  • Sing With Karaokes!
  • Harmonium For Seniors
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Devotional Music
  • Buy,Sell,Repair and Hire Out
  • Music For Children
  • Voice 4 Actors, Public Speakers
  • Record Music Singles or Albums