Stage Presentation and Performance

About The Course:

Stage Presentation and Performance is a course primarily created for those who wish to improve in the art of performing on stage. Through this course, you will learn to provide impeccable performances in front of a crowd, large or small. This course provides the specific trade secrets and skills utilised while presenting their singing or instrumental talent. If you aspire to have a career in stage show performances or add it to your list of singing

skills, this course is for you.


Basic Requirements:

Any previous formal or informal singing, instrumental or performing knowledge and skills. Empower Your Singing (Not compulsory, but recommended)


Course Contents:

• Voice production from abdomen, chest, throat, nasal and temple

• Breathing technique and associated exercises

• Effortless and relaxed singing techniques

• Singing postures and alignments

• Voice throw, projection and Microphone Techniques

• Voice strength and stamina

• Appropriate emotion display and facial expressions

• Vowels and lyrics pronunciations

• Pitch and ear training

• Performing in various climates and conditions

• Scrutinising vulnerabilities

• Overcoming fearful thoughts; higher or lower notes, negative past experiences and feedback etc.

• Voice maintenance during long travel and tiring tours

• In-house Performance Experience

• Crowd Engagement and Interactions

• Suitable stage body language, clothing and make up


Expected Results:

• The ability to sing endure long periods of singing

• Improved sustenance of notes and voice control

• The ability to modulate and project voice

• Improved voice throw, clarity and quality

• Build resonance of voice

• Resistance to voice cracks and breaks

• Maintenance of consistent voice intensity

• Eliminated performance anxiety, stage fright and nerves

• Ability to manage your voice during sickness

• Boosted Morale and Confidence

• Reduced mental, physical and emotional tensions

• Maximised your voice potential



Course can be fast tracked in Full Day and Half-Day Workshops


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