Lesson Policy

1. Our Hindustani Classical Music Program (Traditional), Hindustani Light Music Program (Bollywood or Regional Music), Tabla and Indian Percussion Program (Instrumental), certification programs comprise of Three Levels – Gold , Diamond & Platinum.


2. Each of three above levels requires an attendance of:


Private: 80 lessons of 30 minutes, 54 Lessons of 45 Minutes, 40 Lessons of 60 Minutes.


Group: Student has to attend 40 lessons in a Group to achieve one level


Our Level of attainment is very flexible, a student may attend a mix of Private, Group and workshops

too please discuss with your teacher.


3. Living in multicultural Australia people from various cultures like Greece, Italy, China, Srilankan, Afghanistan etc, ethnic backgrounds, age groups, faiths, levels & skills want to enrol or share their country’s musical knowledge with India’s.

Even the students and performers from various states, towns, cities from India e.g from Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu have musical aspirations to learn their regional, Bollywood or other culture’s music.

So, to understand the need of each student and performers we want to know about their cultural, family and professional backgrounds, any emotional or physical challenges, and most importantly their expectations from SIMDA. It helps us to return the best value of their time, money, and efforts invested in their decision to enrol with SIMDA.

All the discussions are in private, recorded, then with mutual discussions we advise them courses which will bridge the Gap between their present level and desired goals. Our aim is to provide them related lessons with appropriate teaching examples, groups, performance opportunities in our ongoing festivals, events and musical shows, while assisting them to reach their musical goals in a fun packed environment.

First Lesson of 30 - 60 minutes for new student costs from $39.



• One Lesson of 30 Minutes – Costs from $25

• One Lesson of 45 Minutes – Costs from $35

• One Lesson of 60 Minutes – Costs from $45


The details of your fess structure will be further advised during the First Lesson.


More than one student in Private Lesson attracts more discounts and additional costs may add up in all other locations than Glen Waverley. Please enquire at the time of your first lesson.


5. GROUP LESSON (45 minutes)

Group Lesson requires minimum of 3 students or the cost will be shared by other


• $19 x Session of 10 = $190 for under the Age of 16 (sixteen) per person

• $$22 x Session of 10 = $220 for over and inclusive the Age of 16 (sixteen) per person


6.Workshops – Comprehensive Half day or Full Day Training in Singing, Tabla Harmonium, Vocal Coaching and all SPECIAL PROGRAMS mentioned in Our Courses

Please contact your teacher for fees, timings and course contents.



Recordings, live performances, accompaniment for shows holding auditions, music direction, or things not specified above are negotiable. Since there are often more hours and specialized work involved in projects

like this, we like to discuss this on a case-by-case basis so that we can find a personalized rate that we

both feel accurately reflects the demands of the project.


We welcome all your queries so please DO NOT HESITATE to contact us

for any concerns over our Lesson Policies.


Rules and Regulations

Enrollment Policy:

All lessons MUST be pre-paid.
Enrollment begins once the Fees is paid and ends with time specified. Automatically each student is entitled for Music Lessons and obligated to SIMDA Terms & Conditions to adopt this Lesson Policy

Our Payment options


• Direct Deposit

• Electronic Funds Transfer

• Cash Payments

• Flexible payment arrangements available. Terms and conditions apply.


Group Lessons

There are no refunds or make up lessons for missing Group Lessons or Workshops. The teacher should be paid the same amount whether 3 or 10 students show up for the lesson.

Certain exceptions can be considered.


Late Arrivals

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended unless there is a valid reason for doing so. This backs up the entire schedule and presents scheduling problems for everyone concerned.



Any cancellation or missed lesson without 24 hours’ notice is considered a no show.


Failure to show up for lessons creates a loss of income for the teacher who has set aside time for the student in good faith. This means that if you do not show up for a lesson, for any reason, there are no refunds, make

up lessons, or credits if you do not follow up with the teacher.


If the instructor fails to show up for a lesson for any reason, a makeup lesson will be

scheduled during the same calendar month.


Special Programs/Individual Courses

Since individual courses are created for specific outcomes, any Fees paid, for the same courses are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.


However to keep the good faith SIMDA can offer special workshops or individual lesson with in six month duration from the date of fees paid.


Make-up Lessons

Make-up lessons are offered twice in a session of ten lessons. Students should schedule a makeup lesson

within two weeks at the teacher’s convenience. Please note that cancelling on the day of your lesson does

not qualify for a make-up lesson. Make-up lessons must be taken in the same session of lessons paid or accounted for in which that the lesson was cancelled.


Skype Video for Sickies

You must not come to a lesson ill or with anything contagious, e.g. conjunctivitis, colds at the stage of excessive coughing and sneezing etc. If this transpires, the scheduled lesson can still take place via Skype video rather than be in.


Care of Students

SIMDA is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents with students under

the age of 5 are asked to remain in the premises during classes. Young students are not to be left at the premises for an excessive time before or after lessons.


Responsibility to be Aware of Dates and Events

It is the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of school activities such as recitals and

dates the school is open and closed. We will make every effort to inform all students of activities by posting them within the school, on the website, and by blanket emails. Therefore it is the parents’ or adult student’s responsibility to provide the school with a valid email address. It is also the responsibility of the parent or

adult student to inform the school of any address or telephone number change.


External Performance of Content

Without the written consent of a SIMDA staff, students or anyone else is not permitted to perform or display any of the lessons taught in class in a public platform, online media inclusive (YouTube, Facebook etc.). Any breaches of these terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.


Teaching and Sharing SIMDA content

Without the consent of SIMDA, any sharing of the SIMDA lessons and teaching to a third party is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any unpermitted recording or taping of SIMDA classes is PROHIBITED. Any breaches of these

terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.

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