Voice for Actors Lawyers and Public Speakers

About The Course


The Voice for Actors and Public Speakers course is designed for those who want their voice to be more

flexible, versatile, soft and strong at times with appropriate pitch and tone. The course has an intensive

focus on personal creativity and how that creativity serves as the input for action in various professions

such as:


Actors for Film & Theatre


Voice is extremely important for actors to display emotion and communicate with their audience and crowd. Maybe you need to produce the voice of little girl, young man, middle or old age characters in film or theatre. There can also be various other roles from a Countryside to Suburban Resident, Tradesman to Office

Employee, Honest Civilian to a Crook, Romancing to Dancing or displaying Love scenes to Hate speech on Screen or in a theatre.


Voice in theatre requires reality, that’s all what is expected, it’s all about just being real and true to whatever that character is.


Legal Representatives


Lawsuit battles are no less than real wars, where everyone is striving to win by hook or crook. One of the defining factors for a jury to be convinced for a case is the voice. With the most appropriate expressions and

in depth feels of the words put forth by the legal representations, the outcome of a legal dispute can be radically different. Most of us make initial judgements on “how and what tones has been used to say

anything” and that mind set-up is carried further with your voice modulations, voice throw, projections and various pitches and intonations.


Voice for Actors, Lawyers and Public Speakers


This course has been very helpful to various professionals as previously mentioned, and Recording artists, Consumer Products Executives, Broadcasters, from call centre operators to public speakers in all sectors.


This versatile course does not focus on preparing professional singers but rather it trains the voice through singing, reading music and film scripts, hence should not be considered as a Singing course.


Voice and speeches are very crucial to every artist and professional who applies various emotions, facial expressions, body gestures to represent their art and services to make it as a source of income or living for them.


Many students of ours who are dancers or actors and does not consider themselves "singers", need to polish their vocal techniques. Also this course has been successful for people with speech difficulties, has taken

this course as Alternative Speech therapies.


During this course, we break down and work through a song and read through scripts, using multiple training practices like various Scales/Sargam, renditions of notes up and down in range of trials, Voice throws, and correct pronunciations of the lyrics.


Various breathing exercises for voice control are tried and tested to create appropriate feel and emotion in various singing lyrics. Compositions are accompanied by musical instruments like Keyboards, Tanpura and

drums etc.


Since every individual has unique voice culture and husk, vocal range and styles, all our lessons are tailor

made for each individual depending upon their vocal strength, stamina, skill and styles.


This challenging course helps to tackle vocal excitement and thrill. It discovers the shared experience of the power of sounds, and finds each student’s voice and most importantly, gains the training to keep the true

voice alive.


During this whole process, the only tools available are how one sounds, then learns the mechanics of Voice Modulation, Voice strength and stamina, Voice throw, projection, Vocal health and management.


Basic Requirements:

No prior knowledge of music or singing knowledge required


Course Contents:


• Voice production from abdomen, chest, throat, nasal and temple

• Effortless and relaxed speaking techniques

• Keeping correct pace

• Speaking postures and alignments

• Correct diaphragmatic support and breathing exercises

• Appropriate emotion display

• Vowels and lyrics pronunciations

• Pitch and ear training


Expected Results


• Discover your voice’s true power.

• Better control of breathing and voice

• Improved sustenance of notes and voice control

• The ability to modulate and project voice

• Resistance to vocal injury

• Improved voice throw, clarity and quality

• Feel confident for your Voice application professionally

• Maintenance of consistent voice intensity

• Strained voice prevention

• Resistance to voice cracks and breaks

• Reduced fear of speaking in front of others



Course can be fast tracked in One Full Day Workshop; Two Half Day Workshops; or Six Sessions of

90 Minutes as well.


For Enrolment or Any Further Enquiries Please Contact:

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