Music For Children

About The Course:

The Music for Children course introduces children to the fundamentals of music at a young age. It provides the foundation for any children pursuing at a later age. The aim of this course is to develop a sense of musical expression and creativity in children through Indian music.


Through this course, you and your child will enjoy the power of Indian music and will find a great way to bond through India’s rich art and cultural heritage. The course has fun activities and explores Indian musical

concepts in a manner that is simple to comprehend. Music for children will instill the importance of

self-discipline and social skills in your children.


Basic Requirements:

No previous training or skills required

A parent or sibling must accompany the child at all times


Course Contents:

• Teaching variety of Bollywood or spiritual songs

• Discovering child’s music potential

• Educating through audio and video aides

• Introduction to music at a young age

• Share and learn your favourite songs

• Familiarising children with Indian Ragas, Taals and rhythms.

• Singing, keyboard and harmonium playing

• Training voice along with Tanpura sounds

• Breathing technique and associated exercises

• Singing postures and alignments

• Vowels and lyrics pronunciations

• Pitch and ear training


Expected Results:

• Developed musical confidence, thinking power and communication skills

• Awareness of notes, pitches and vocal ranges

• Understanding of lyrics

• Expression of music together with a parent or sibling.

• Improved sustenance of notes and voice control

• The ability to modulate and project voice

• Resistance to voice cracks and breaks


Duration and Pricing:

Cost - $299 (One person), $399 (Two Person), $499 (Three Person)

Duration - 10 Lesson x 30-45 Min


For Enrolment or Any Further Enquiries Please Contact:

A & N Moudgil: 61-404989336, E:,


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