Singing Lessons

Vocal Lessons & Private Singing Lessons in Melbourne

Singing Lessons

We believe every person has a different vocal ability and they should be able to maintain a connected tone throughout their range. The key to singing well is connecting one part of your vocal range to another,

although it will be easy to understand, it takes time and patience to coordinate your technique and

knowledge so that you can sing well.


We use Sargam/scales to improve your vocal ability and range then work with songs in a range of genres to apply the techniques. Whatever music style you prefer, our singling class professionals in Melbourne, experienced in vocal lessons and private singing lessons will assist you to improve your skills.


We will also learn any songs you wish to perform as well as a wide range of our own selection including Bollywood or Punjabi songs, Ragas, Bhajans, Sufi, Folk & Regional classics and Spiritual Music.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered on all kind of singing. We have found that private one on one instruction allows students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques. Students

can start singing lessons as early as 4 years old.


Students may start lessons at any time of the year or month, so there's no reason to wait to get

started. A variety of styles are taught at SIMDA.

• One Lesson of 30 minutes – Costs from $25

• One Lesson of 45 Minutes – Costs from $35

• One Lesson of 60 Minutes – Costs from $45


Group Lessons

Our group classes follow a different curriculum to our private one-on-one classes. They are run in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from your classmates.


All of the important principles covered in our private singing lessons will be covered in group classes. These include: extending your vocal range, pitch and ear training, confidence building, proper vocal technique,

correct breathing technique, stage presentation, audience interaction and performance skills.


Through group singing classes, all students will be given the correct vocal warm up techniques, vocal scales

and a timetable to practice at home together with their songs.

• $19 x Session of 10 = $190 for under the Age of 16 (sixteen) per person

• $22 x Session of 10 = $220 for over and inclusive the Age of 16 (sixteen) per person


Online Lessons

SIMDA assures you that we are keeping up with the latest ground-breaking technology so we can give you

the highest quality singing lessons online. Our singing lessons conducted online are no different from our

private singing lessons in our Melbourne studios.


All you need is a good computer or notebook, a good internet connection -preferably wired- a set of headphones or a pair of speakers with a web cam.


More experienced students may also try lessons over the telephone.


Online lessons are perfect for you if you live too far away from our locations or if you cannot spare time from tight schedule to attend a lesson.


Comprehensive Half Day or Full Day Workshops

It’s perfect for people who live interstate or cannot find time in their schedule who want to cover a large amount of training.


The course will start with a brief chat and discussion about what you want to achieve out of the course and then a thorough vocal assessment. The rest of the course will then be customised personally to work on the points that are most clinical to achieve maximum vocal results in the allocated time. The choice is always

yours to work on whatever you wish in your class; though Our teachers will give you their professional opinion about what should be done and where the class should be heading to achieve maximum vocal results.


Singing for Children

Learning Music can make a marked difference to the development of a child’s social, cognitive and communicative skills. Exposing children to music lessons early also helps discover their innate talent and help them become better singers in the future.


SIMDA has introduced various courses specially tailored for children of different age groups. The courses are filled with fun activities and explain concepts in a manner that is easy to understand for the child.


There are many benefits to this course

1. To bond over the expression of music with a parent

2. Singing, keyboard playing and movement

3. Oral and reading music skills

4. Self-discipline and self-esteem.


Senior Singing Lessons

The Seniors Indian music course is perfect for older beginners or people who want to pick up where they may have left off many years ago.


There are many tremendous benefits for seniors to gain from learning Indian music and singing. People say singing is good for your soul, but we now know music has a powerful effect on the brain and can enhance memory, motor coordination and communication. After a busy life, why not learn to sing Indian music in your retirement. It is the ideal activity to enrich your life.


SIMDA believes that music is a lifelong activity and there are no rules that say you can’t learn at any age.

Our teaching methods and experienced teachers will ensure you have a fun, social and interactive experience.


Now available, Online Workshops

  • Hindustani Classical Music Program (Traditional)
  • Hindustani Light Music Program (Bollywood or Regional Music)

  • Empower Your Singing!